A good introduction paragraph can be any number of sentences

This is quite obvious from the name that an introduction paragraph introduces the audience with the topic. It is aimed to tell the readers what the next few hundred or in some cases thousand words will be addressing to. This paragraph is meant to be brief and pointing out the most relevant and important aspects of the subject. A good introduction paragraph answers the following about the subject

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An introduction paragraph is the first paragraph of your essay. It introduces the idea of your essay to your reader. A good introduction paragraph will create interest in your reader to continue through the rest of the article. You can write a good one by providing facts, definitions, quotations etc. The introduction has to be well written with good grammar and vocabulary to capture the attention of the reader. It must excite the interest of the reader. The following are 3 great ideas to apply to your introductory paragraph of your essay.

3 Tips For A Good Introduction Paragraph For An Essay

Here's how to remember what you need to do to write a good Introduction paragraph: ACT In short it can be anything that you consider worth starting with and that will have an impact on the reader. If you follow these instructions carefully you will surely come up with a good introduction paragraph.

What a good introduction paragraph looks like

A good paper (college term paper, college research paper, or argumentative paper) should have an effective introductory paragraph and an effective conclusion. I have included information on writing the first paragraph of a paper in the article entitled, "How to Write a Good Introduction Paragraph: Writing the First Paragraph of a Paper." This information may be helpful in learning how to write a good introductory paragraph. Moreover, I have included information on writing a paper conclusion in the article entitled, "How to Write a Conclusion."

How to Make a Good Introduction Paragraph