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Q: I'm a new graduate student, should I apply for of TA position at the Writing Center?
A: We are looking for individuals who have experience writing in their field and at their academic level. We are also looking for individuals who are familiar with writing at Temple University. If you are a new graduate student and have no experience writing at the graduate level, we ask that you do not apply to the Writing Center. We strongly encourage you to apply after you have at least one year of graduate work and are able to submit three academic writing samples from your graduate program.

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It's my first time using this website and I did read through all the academic writing samples. Really thank you so much for the greatest and simplest explanation that I have ever come across! As my first exam without praciting a word on Academic IELTS was 4.5! I'm sure with more pracice I'll get 7 bands.

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Academic Writing Sample Task 2 (PDF, 11KB) Today, most applications you will ever submit, whether for an academic program or employment position, require that you submit writing samples. For example, applicants to graduate school programs must submit academic writing samples. Certain job applications also ask that you provide a sample of your writing, whether academic or professional.

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As a demonstration of your ability to engage in effective practice in a professional setting, please submit two written academic writing samples, i.e. research paper or similar. If you have been out of school for more than five years, you may choose to submit substantial work-related samples in lieu of academic samples. Attach a half sheet to each sample with information about the context of the sample and why you chose it.

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Q: What do you mean by "academic writing"?
A: When we request three academic writing samples, our goal is to get writing from you that reflects your ability to establish, build, and sustain an academic argument. In particular, we're hoping to see some version of an academic research paper in which you use sources (texts, data, etc.) to develop an argument that responds to other scholars in your field. Participate in ensuring the McNair Scholar Program adheres to Improving Productivity and Building Evidence of Effectiveness as defined by the Department of Education. This will be accomplished by performing the following essential functions and responsibilities/duties. Recruit and identify potential McNair Scholars and facilitate the application process following the Department of Education guidelines; assisting with the facilitation/coordinating with the McNair Scholar selection committee, identifying the annual new McNair Scholar cohort. Collaborate with TRiO SSS and participate as a member of the TRiO Day board committee. Counsel students in all aspects of graduate school application process, instruct writing and respond to students' writing of statement of purpose, curriculum vitae and academic writing samples. Advise students in academic preparation for graduate school, including reading, writing and research strategies. Instruct small groups in vocabulary building in preparation for Graduate Record Exam. Assist director in content development of seminar syllabuses and teaching responsibilities for the seminars. Assist director in content development of program handbooks for faculty and student participants. Provide guidance and expertise to director in writing and publication of public documents and reports to grant funding source, U.S. Department of Education.
In addition, assisting in all aspects of the plan of operation, meeting objectives and evaluation and maintaining documentation for the federally funded Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Project. These varied tasks provide the opportunity to work with highly motivated students and their faculty mentors and to interact with all levels of the university. The position offers the potential for professional affiliation with regional and national organizations that provide continuing education for members. Moreover, maintain a positive working relationship with McNair scholars, staff, faculty mentors, and work-study students while fulfilling key office responsibilities. In addition to having a general knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook, the candidate must also have a solid understanding of the McNair mission as well as a sincere appreciation for working with underrepresented students.