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The breed arose in north-east Scotland in the counties of Aberdeen and Angus. Excavations have revealed that polled cattle existed there in prehistoric times. Deliberate breeding began at the end of the eighteenth century. The breed was first formally recognized in 1835 with the first herd book published in 1862. The first animals were exported to the USA and other countries in 1878. The American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Association (name shortened in 1950s to American Angus Association) was founded in Chicago, Illinois, on November 21 1883, with 60 members. The growth of the Association has paralleled the success of the Angus breed in America.

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BreedThreatens the Aberdeen-Angus. In 1810, the Colling brothers ofEngland sold the famous Shorthorn bull Comet at $5,000. The publicityresulting from this sale naturally spread throughout Scotland, and manybreeders looked with favor upon the use of Shorthorn blood in improvingthe native cattle. Subsequently good herds of Shorthorn cattle wereestablished in Scotland, and the cattle were used in the improvement ofnative stock. The use of the Shorthorn cattle on the black native cowswas a very common practice of the period for the raising of commercialstock. This practice of crossbreeding threatened the Aberdeen-Angusbreed with extinction.

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— noun a) A breed of black hornless beef cattle originating in Scotland. b) An animal of the Aberdeen Angus breed … Our herd improvement “blueprint” is focused on improving genetic traits affecting profitability for our beef-producing customers. Our goals are to improve early growth, carcass quality, feedlot and maternal efficiency, while maintaining easy calving cattle that are fertile, tame, and moderate in mature size. Our systematic genetic approach is designed to move the genetic trend of our herd and our customers herd’s in the direction of greater profitability. The breeding animals we sell are "vehicles" designed to deliver these enhanced genetic packages to our customer's herds. The Simmental and Angus breeds provide the best opportunity to allow us to accomplish our aggressive objectives.

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There are three distinct and well-defined breeds of polled cattle in the United Kingdom. These breeds are the Aberdeen-Angus, the , and the red polled Norfolk and Suffolk breed that is found in . Polled cattle apparently existed in Scotland before recorded history because the likeness of such cattle is found in prehistoric carvings of Aberdeen and Angus. Historians state that there were hornless cattle in centuries earlier. A hornless race of cattle was depicted in by sculptors and painters of that ancient civilization. Some historians feel that the Aberdeen-Angus breed and the other Scottish breeds sprang from the aboriginal cattle of the country and that the breeds as we find them today are indigenous to the districts in which they are still found.

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