Anthropology is the study of human societies, cultures and customs

Within the design studio, and across multiple field sites, the authors compare involvement of research tools and materials during collaborative processes of designing. Their aim is to trace temporal dimensions (shifts/ movements) of where and when learning takes place along different sites of practice. They do so by combining participant observation, anthropology methodology and design anthropology research inquiry, engaging with practice based explorations to understand if methods and methodologies, understood as being central to anthropological inquiry, can be taught to interaction design engineering students studying in an engineering faculty and engineers working in an energy company. They ask: how do you generate anthropological capacities with interaction design engineering students engaged in engineering design processes and employees of an energy company setting out to reframe their relation with the private end user? What kind of opportunities can engaging with collaborative processes of designing offer for both designing and anthropological research inquiry simultaneously?

Biological Anthropology Methodology Development Development of minimally-invasive field methods for assessing immune function and health

2009-2010 "RAPID: Structure of Contact Networks and the Spread of Flu-like Infectious Diseases: Implications for Dynamics and Control," NSF BCS-0947132 (Cultural Anthropology and Methodology, Measurement and Statistics).

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also Miller's (this volume) remarks that in anthropology methodology 'is part of the research findings'

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