Brad R. Huber's Anthropology 491: Anthropological Research Methods

Students take the following courses: 1.5 unit Nepali for researchers; 1.0 unit Anthropological Research Methods (0.5 units Ethnographic Research Methods in term 1 and 0.5 units in Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Social Research in term 2). They also attend the compulsory weekly MPhil Research Training Seminar in anthropology and write a 15,000 word MA Dissertation.

Anthropology Research Methods / LiDAR and Laser Imaging

Students of the Masters in Anthropological Research Methods develop a wide range of transferable skills such as research, analysis, oral and written communication skills.

Anthropology Research Methods / Non-Metric Sexing of Skeletons

Anthropological Research Methods and Nepali 4370 CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY RESEARCH METHODS An elective in the anthropology minor. This course provides a broad introduction to issues of cultural anthropology research methods and design. Consideration is given to both quantitative and qualitative approaches to research, although more emphasis is placed on qualitative methods. No prior knowledge of methodology or statistics is expected or assumed. The course differs from other courses on research design in that it is decidedly interdisciplinary in nature (drawing on literature from anthropology, geography, political science and sociology). After this course, students will be able to design and implement your own social science research project. Three interrelated dimensions of research are explored; one focuses on the theoretical foundations of social science research, another focuses on the various methods available to researchers for data collection and analysis, and finally we complete exercises in the practical application of various methods. Lecture and discussion. Prerequisite: ANTH 1302. On demand.

Anthropology Research Methods Course, 3 cr

(1) Introduction to Anthropology Research Methods (ANTH 3310)
(2) Ethnographic Methods (ANTH 3300).
(3) Because statistical methods are an essential tool in anthropological research, we require that anthropology majors complete a course in statistics (STAT 2050 or 2070).
(4) Anthropology majors must take an additional two laboratory science courses.
(5) To complete your major, you will need to take ANTH 4010, History of Anthropological Thought in your senior year.
(6) Three semesters of a single foreign language must also be completed.

Research Methods in Anthropology | eHow

The MA in Anthropological Research Methods (MaRes) may be taken either as a free standing MA or as the first part of a PhD [e.g. as a 1 + 3 research training program]. In either case, the student completes a program of research training that includes the , Statistical Analysis and the Research Training Seminar as well as a language option. All MaRes students are assigned a supervisor at the start of the year, who will help the student choose other relevant course options. Candidates must also submit a number of research related assignments which, taken together with the dissertation, are equivalent to approximately 30,000 words of assessed work. All students write an MA dissertation, but for students progressing on to a PhD, the MA dissertation will take the form of a research report that will constitute the first part of the upgrade document for the PhD programme.