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In order to avoid the affects of being worn down, it is usually important that when our kids need our correction, to act quickly rather than hoping that it will fade on its own. It is often this quick action on our part that enables us to apply the fine art of discipline-based parenting, rather than to fall into the pattern of punishment-based parenting that occurs only after we have “lost it”.

For those who now need to hear this. The Art of Discipline is an action of Re-Spect.

It all started about eight years ago. I had lost much of my pregnancy weight from my second child and I was pretty thin, so that means I was healthy, right? Not so much. I realized I was a far cry from healthy when I went hiking one of the high peaks in the Adirondack Mountains and thought I was going to collapse out there. One of the hikers with us decided on that trip that he was going to go for Crossfit Certification and start a class for free at our church. This was the start of my disciplined fitness life and I am so thankful for it.

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the art of discipline | Discipline | Pinterest So, while we are on the subject, why not do an honest assessment of our eating habits. Do we put calories in our body if the bite or sip is “just not delicious?” How about two bites? What are we sacrificing by eating the whole thing? Do you know that, in France, desserts are eaten in small portions and people walk most places? What has happened to our society? America…land of the free. Free to be overwhelmed by gigantic portions and feel compelled to eat everything we see. I know. I did it for years! So, what is the trick to living a life of healthy discipline? How do we go to a party and see the most amazing looking brownies and not eat at least three of them? (Did I mention, I love chocolate?!) Well, I can only speak for myself, but throughout my years, I have learned the art of discipline and I love to encourage others to experience the same feeling of freedom from food and apathy. Yes, I said freedom. I’m talking about the freedom to have the ability to eat something, but also having the power to say no. You have that same power and, if you haven’t discovered it yet, you have that discipline inside YOU!

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Artistic directors Lisa Andrea Thurrell and Robert E. Cleary recognize the importance of offering dance presentations of risk, of chance, of change with compelling choreography, performed with incisive discipline. The structure of dance conveys the very freedom the human heart longs for in life. Every performance highlights the artistic commitment of each dancer so we might remember in our own self, that the high art of discipline leads to our greatest freedom.

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