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Sir Augustine Danger "Austin" Powers, KBE, is a fictional character from the Austin Powers series of films, and is created and portrayed by Mike Myers. He is the protagonist of (1997), (1999) and (2002).

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Thus, the Austin Powers series seems to avoid a deliberate parody of specific themes or moments in the series. Instead, it serves as more of a satirical trilogy bent on poking fun at James Bond’s portrayal in many of the films. But there are also some serious concepts discussed in the Powers films, and while these archetypes may not seem like they are a part of a larger puzzle, they are far deeper than the casual viewer may think. For example, the topic of gender equality is discussed in the Powers films. In every Bond film of the franchise, James plays a very overbearing and dominant male figure. His female counterparts, on the other hand, are often docile, unintelligent, and submissive. While this has changed as a result of a more politically and socially conscious society, there are still hints of this outstanding ideology in many Bond films. In Goldfinger, Shirley Eaton plays Jill Masterson, a woman with whom Connery has a physical relationship with before being brutally murdered by the film’s main antagonist, Auric Goldfinger. The other female lead in the movie, Pussy Galore (whose name alone serves as a humbling reminder of the often sexist portrayal of women in the Bond franchises), was actually somewhat of a stronger character. Yet regardless of her independence (she was not as bound to implicit gender roles of the time as her peers who appeared in the films), Galore still comes across as submissive to Bond; he often grabs her inappropriately and comes onto her in ways that contemporary society may find unappealing. These examples serve to highlight that many of the Bond women were stereotyped to the highest degree and did not actively appear as strong female characters.

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austin powers series review - YouTube Now, with the third installment, ''Austin Powers in Goldmember,'' having earned nearly $200 million in its first month of release, the Austin Powers series seems on the verge of emulating the highly profitable Bond series in a far less fortunate way. It's becoming a self-perpetuating brand name whose success seems independent of the quality of the product. The Bond of ''Dr. No,'' ''From Russia With Love'' and ''Goldfinger'' was a truly revolutionary character: charming, sexy, ruthless, hedonistic, materialistic -- a character who spoke to the fantasies and nightmares of his period. He has evolved into comfort food, a reliable tour guide through the latest package of gadgets, girls, puns and stunts. Something very similar seems to be happening, and more quickly, to Austin Powers.

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Like the James Bond series that provided it with comic inspiration, the Austin Powers series benefits from a certain familiarity. Not every Bond movie is good, but once you get started going to them you would never think of missing one. Same with Austin Powers. The third movie about the shagadelic one, is a step or two down from the first and second, but it has some very funny moments, and maybe that is all we hope for.

The familiar characters are back, including Austin, Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard (all played by Myers), and Mini-Me (). Is this a good thing? The first time we saw them, they had the impact of novelty, but Dr. Evil is growing a little repetitious, and Fat Bastard, in his attempt to keep our attention, has escalated his adventures with bodily functions into a kind of manic bathroom zeal. There are some things we do not want to know about his bowels, and he informs us of all of them.

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