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New in new dust jacket. Balancing biological, psychological, social, and cultural approaches, David Barlow and V. Mark Durand's groundbreaking integrative approach is the most modern, scientifically valid method for studying abnormal psychology. In this Seventh Edition of their proven ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY: AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH, Barlow and Durand successfully blend sophisticated research and an accessible writing style with the most widely recognized method of discussing psychopathology. Going beyond simply describing different schools of thought on psychological disorders, the authors explore the interactions of the various forces that contribute to psychopathology. A conversational writing style, consistent pedagogical elements, integrated case studies (95 percent from the authors' own files), video clips of clients, and additional study tools make this text the most complete learning resource available. For instructors, an Instructor's Resource Manual, Test Bank, and a wide selection of videos are available to use when teaching the course. MindTap for Barlow and Durand's _Abnormal Psychology_ is a highly personalized, fully online learning platform which offers a tailored presentation of your course curriculum. It includes an innovative learning path where students will complete reading assignments, annotate their readings, complete homework, and engage with quizzes and assessments. It also features Abnormal Psychology Videos and the Continuum Video Project.

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Fear and anxiety are complex behaviors that represent responses to environmental threats. These two behaviors differ in that fear is a response to a real or clearly identifiable threat and functions to remove the individual from a harmful situation (Belzung and Philippot ). In contrast, anxiety is a contrived or exaggerated fear response (Chaffey et al. ) and often proceeds in the absence of a truly threatening stimulus. This important distinction has led most psychologists and evolutionary biologists to regard fear as an appropriate and adaptive response (Barlow and Durand ), and anxiety as psychologically unhealthy and often associated with unwarranted physiological stress across multiple organ systems (Kessler et al. ).

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Barlow and Durand, 1995 • Misuse: hypochondriasis • Preoccupation with physical symptoms In contrast, bizarre delusions typically occur in schizophrenic individuals (which Jones most likely was not) and are an “absurd, totally implausible, strange false belief” (Kaplan and Sadock, 1998:282), such as aliens implanting electrodes into one’s brain. An easy way to distinguish delusional disorder from schizophrenia is that with delusional disorder the imagined events could be happening but are not, while with schizophrenia, the imagined events are not even possible (Barlow and Durand, 2002:431).

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A similar model is Barlow and Durand’s multidimensional integrative approach, which combines biological, social, psychological, emotional, and developmental domains to describe psychopathology such as violent behaviour (see Barlow and Durand, 2002:28-29).

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