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Yes, beauty pageants exploit children. Child beauty pageants force young girls to grow up too fast and to focus on things like beauty and fashion. Some of these girls then grow up to be self conscious about their looks. Most of the girls in these pageants are forced into it by their mothers who are trying to live out their dreams through them.

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Not only can beauty pageants harm children, but adults as well. “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” which aired on TLC, is a prime example of how beauty pageants are exploitative. This show has gained many criticisms. It has been called offensive, outrageous, horrifying and exploitative by many critics around the world. The little girl on the show is seen being not childlike while participating in these beauty pageants.

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Are child beauty pageants exploitive They begin by rebutting the charge that beauty pageants exploit women. No one forces the contestants to enter, they point out, and for what the contestants give, they stand to get much in return: thousands of dollars, recognition, competitive experience and an introduction to the business world, which, after all, created the pageants for no other reason than to sell stuff.

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I do not think that beauty pageants exploit children. If anything is exploiting children, it would be the parents. Beauty pageants do provide children with an opportunity to gain self esteem, and chances to explore different activities. However, like with any other activity, take football for example, a parent may push the child more than they should. This is why I don't think beauty pageants don't exploit children, but their parents may.

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