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Frequently, engineering control technology is frequently focused on the application oflocal exhaust and dilution ventilation to reduce worker exposure. For example, in NIOSH'sEngineering Control Technology Branch, nine of ten present research projects are focusedupon ventilation as a control measure. One project is looking at fundamental exposurecauses, in this case material dustiness. This narrow focus is also typical of researchpapers published by the industrial hygiene community. In reviewing papers for the AmericanIndustrial Hygiene Association's Best Engineering Paper Award for 1997, the committee onlyhad nine papers to review, seven of these papers were focused upon ventilation. Only onepaper was focused upon an overall control strategy.

We received that RoboCup Symposium 2015 Best Engineering Paper Award for this publication.

Established in 1948 in honour of R.J.N. Franki. Awarded annually by the Institution of Engineers Australia for the best engineering paper by a student during the previous year.

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Guffey has received 3 best engineering paper awards in the last 6 years Dr. Lih-Horng Shyu is an associate professor in the department of Electro-optical engineering of National Formosa University in Taiwan. Before he joined the college, he worked at the Chung Shan Institute of Science & Technology, Lungtan, Taoyuan for two years, and Pacific Opto-Electronics Corp. for one year, and University of Tamgang for three years. He is interested in the areas of interferometry, confocal metrology, design of electro-optical system, and signal processing. He has been the Award of the Best Engineering Paper (1998) and the principal investigator of several research projects of National Research Council in Taiwan.

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Best engineering paper award received Marcin Just et al. for Vocal loading test with periodic measurement of diagnostic parameters.

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