Bing vs Google Challenge (Who Won?)

Sorry but Google's results are worth not gathering points for credit. Bing just sorbet deliver good enough results... I've done that Bing vs Google challenge and 5 out of 5 results I picked Google.

Bing vs Google Challenge

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I did the bing vs google challenge, I was very surprise a little about the results but I'm still using google!

Bing VS Google Challenge!! Find out the REAL Winner!

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Hey You Tubers, Today I'm doing the Bing VS Google Challenge!!

Bing is Owned by Microsoft, and Bing came out extremely late. Unfortunately, with the Other Things Microsoft Own or Touch, seems to be a Disaster!
During the time of recording my first video (That is Deleted now), I was trying to do the Bing in on Challenge on Internet Explorer 11, But the Problem I had was It was Very slow and sloppy! So I used Google Chrome Browser instead!

Google has been my Savior since it came out!

Anyway Prior to the Video, Google was Clearly the Winner! Bing I found to be too Sloppy and In my Opinion, I felt there was No effort in there Search Engine.

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Thank you for watching my video

Bing VS Google Challenge!! Find out the REAL Winner! - YouTube

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