If you write a blog about writing, I have probably read it

If you write a blog about writing, I have probably read it. And I probably love it. If your goal is to attract other writers, if you’re writing a book about writing, or if you just love writing about writing, great. Your blog is doing it’s job. But if you are writing a picture book about reindeer in Siberia, or a thriller set in New Orleans, or an epic love story that spans three generations, then your blog is probably not reaching your potential readers.

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This year I’m starting the year right by highlighting some of the best writing blogs on the web. I love to visit blogs about writing for inspiration, encouragement and motivation, and it’s with those three qualities in mind that I have compiled this list of the top 25 writing blogs for 2014.

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Graham's blog about writing - Graham Andrews Thank-you! Thank-you! Your post is the first I’ve seen about writers who might not want to blog about writing something I’ve been struggling with on my own blog/platform building endeavors. I’m looking forward to your posts.

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I started a blog about my writing, and my writing process. And then I found that I wrote on it for a few days straight, and then wrote a week later, and a week later, and so on and so forth. Then I read some quick tips and hints from authors, one of them being you, and I decided to start a new.
So now I have a new blog, and I have been writing in it every day, but instead of force feeding it down just the path of my writing, I am writing about whatever personal moment/idea/perspective/whatever is strongest for me that day. I will write about whatever in my blog, as long as it is MY whatever, because it is, in the end, MY blog.
So thank you for the inspiration.

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is my blog about writing biography, the writing life, the nonfiction creative process, and of course , my work in progress on the World War One-era minister's wife and suffragist, Sara Bard Field, and her extraordinary affair with the outspoken atheist and philosophical anarchist, Charles Erskine Scott Wood.