Donatello's bronze “David” broke all the rules

A 13th century fortress is now another of the holding places for a fine collection of art works in Florence. The Bargello located near the Piazza Della Signoria is filled with sculptures from various artists. A bronze David by Donatello and some of Michelangelo’s early works are displayed and worth visiting.

who wanted a figurative statue similar to the bronze David by Donatello (1440s)

I read last week that the famous bronze David by Donatello has finally been finished after an 18 month restoration involving the use of lasers normally employed to treat glaucoma. A normal 'mechanical' restoration had not been possible when an x-ray in 2006 discovered the presence of precious and delicate gold leaf on parts of the statue.

A playful, sensuous, and androgynous hero, ..

Bronze David by Donatello - Public Domain. Sculpture of David in Bronze by Donatello. Public Domain. Melissa Snell · Medieval History Expert. Share. Pin. Hop back on the number 7 bus towards town to check out yet another wonderful and underrated museum, the Bargello. Centrally located in between Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza della Signoria, this museum has a unique inner courtyard and houses mostly sculptures (including the famous bronze David by Donatello), gold work, tapestries and enamels.

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