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Have you already developed a business plan? Are you wondering if it's sufficient to help secure the capital you need to launch your start-up? Try MasterPlans' free 20-point business plan review service. Submit your business plan using the form to the right and a group of our senior business planning consultants will carefully evaluate your business plan. Once complete, you'll receive a 20-point business plan review that offers suggestions on where your plan could be improved and how to increase your chances of raising capital. MasterPlans is happy to offer this free service in tandem with Palo Alto Software!

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¤ Already got a business plan? Then you'll receive the Business Plan Review service to ensure your business plan isn't killing your chances with investors....The valuable advice on improving the Business Plan will also be available if you are writing your business plan during the coaching program. (NOTE: if already completed the Business Plan Review then cost for this package service is reduced).

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I also run a business plan review service where I reviewed plans and made recommendations Take advantage of the Wyoming Entrepreneur free Business Plan Review Service. First, download the Business Plan Outline and Instructions and the Budgets and Financial Spreadsheet Templates below. Once you have completed as much of the business plan as you can, e-mail the plan to Cindy Unger, our business planning specialist, for assistance. Cindy will review your plan; identify any missing information; add research; check for readability, grammar, and punctuation; help with financial projections; and verify the figures on your financial spreadsheets. She will work with you to create the best product possible.

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The Business Plan Review Service also includes up to one additional hour of ImpleMentor Management Consulting on your business model, operations, implementation and funding.

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Business plan review
Want to know how your business plan stacks up? Do you need an independent opinion before you show it to your intended audience?
The business plan review service provides a written assessment of your current business plan from the point of view of its intended audience together with a one to one meeting to discuss any outstanding requirements necessary to finalise a viable business proposition and completed business plan and financials.This business plan consulting service is offered to clients who already have a preliminary draft business plan but need an impartia review of their business plan by a professional business plan consultant to ensure that it meets expected professional standards. The Business Plan Review service is an expert evaluation by a business plan consultant of a business plan’s completeness, credibility, detail, and potential success. It includes a detailed review of the business plan for coverage of important and critical topics, document integrity and consistency, missing topics, evaluation of financial projections, clarity and inconsistencies between different parts of the business plan.