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Adam Podlaha, Head of Impact Forecasting, commented; “The severity of the September wildfires in California serves as a reminder of how costly the peril can be for the insurance industry. With insurers facing more than USD1.0 billion in claims payouts for the Valley and Butte fires alone, it makes it the costliest year for the peril since 2007. The peak of the California wildfire season is just beginning, and Impact Forecasting remains well suited to help our clients assess their risks given our brushfire model for the region.”

Southern California Wildfire Season Predicted to Grow with Santa Ana Conditions

Investigating just the California wildfire season, June through October, helps clarify the relationship between drought and fire. All major fires and fire seasons since August 1996 have occured during drought years. Importantly, it is clear that the relationship between drought and wildfire is particularly driven by a set of five to ten months over the past decade with particularly large fires. Future investigation into these specific fires could be valuable for developing fire management strategies that will be particularly effective during droughts.

That's a very bad sign for California's wildfire season

That number will surely rise with the start of the Southern California wildfire season this fall The 2014 California wildfire season is finally winding down. No doubt the number of wildfires continues to increase given the state’s ongoing drought problem. Through the end of October this year, there were approximately 5,400 wildfires compared to approximately 4,400 – the 5 year average for the same January-October interval.1

California Prepares for Serious Wildfire Season - VOA

LOS ANGELES— California is bracing for a serious wildfire season