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CMS bibliographies must be alphabetized by authors' last names. The first line of entry is on the left margin, with all additional lines indented by either half an inch or 5 spaces. The format is identical to footnotes, except alphabetized with the author's name in inverse order.

b. CMS bibliography

Rather than having parenthetical notes like APA or MLA, CMS bibliography style uses superscript numerals and either endnotes or footnotes. The consecutive numerals refer the reader to the corresponding numeral in the end– or footnotes, where the reader can find the citation information, which is then listed in the bibliography in alphabetical order by authors’ last names.

Sample Chicago (CMS) Bibliography (Bishop)

CMS (Chicago) Citation Style; CMS Citation Style Overview · CMS Footnotes · CMS Endnotes · CMS Bibliography · CMS Files In this video, you were introduced to CMS. We covered the basics of Chicago style, including how to use footnotes and an introduction to your CMS bibliography page.

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