Cold War Women's Citizenship

Forthcoming: Organizer and chair of "Ecologies of Misery: Domesticity and Disaffected Labor" and presenter of "'No gate, no lock, no bolt': Cold War Women Writers, Home Environments, and Liberatory Practices" at ASA's Convention, Toronto, ON, October 2015

Presenter of "Unconventional Families and the End of Man: Shirley Jackson's The Sundial" at Louisville Conference for Literature and Culture since 1900, Louisville, KY, February 2014

Organizer and Presenter of "Not Just Trout Fishing: Richard Brautigan's Environments" at ASLE's Convention in Lawrence, KS, May 2013. Presented paper entitled: "'We're on a conveyor belt': Countercultural Marriage and Alternative Reproductions in Richard Brautigan's The Abortion"

"The Urban Eclogue as Social and Gender Commentary in Sandra Hochman's Manhattan Pastures" at Modern Language Association's Convention in Boston, January 2013

Organizer and Presenter of "Digging the Scene/Digging the Earth: The Beats and Ecocriticism" Panel at ASLE's Convention in Bloomington, IN, June 2011. Presented paper entitled: "'Blown away like apples by the fickle wind of the Twentieth Century': The Wilderness Condition in Richard Brautigan's Trout Fishing in America"

Organizer and Presenter of "The Nature of Culinary Choices: The Rhetoric and Discourse of Foodways and the Environment" Panel at American Studies Association's Convention in San Antonio, TX, November 2010. Presented paper entitled: "Clean, Fair, and Queer: Notes toward an Oppositional Ecology of Food"

Cold War Progressives Women's Interracial Organizing for Peace and Freedom

Laville, Helen. Cold War Women: The International Activities of American Women’s Organizations. New York: Manchester University Press, 2002.

Cold War Women's Citizenship”, Kate A

Cold War women: the international activities of American women's organisations Selected Conference Presentations

Forthcoming: Organizer and chair of "Bodies in Bondage: Environments in Women's Neo-Captivity Narratives" and presenter of "'No gate, no lock, no bolt': Cold War Women Writers, Home Environments, and Liberatory Practices" at Society for the Study of American Writers Conferences, Philadelphia, November 2015

For most of the Cold War women did not have to work

Helen Laville, ColdWarWomen:TheInternationalActivitiesofAmericanWomen'sOrganizations (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2002), 224 pp., £47.50 (hb), ISBN 0-7190-5856-2.

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