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It is a place with 6,000 kids of your age. What is there not to do for fun? However, do not come to this school with the mentality college party time. I saw half of my dorm mates fall into this mentality and ruin the academic merits they have attained in high school.

College Party Time

Don't make college party time central. It's fine to party but when partying is the main or only focus, you've lost balance and you will be losing out on the other side of what college can offer.

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college party time Who said that college was all about hitting the books and preparing yourself for work? Not when you've got hot bitches in your dorm or frat house who love to suck dick, lick pussy, get fucked and jizzed on! It's always a party here at College Party Time, where the beer is cold, the babes are hot, an...

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BPSC organises events, raises money for local and national charities and is in charge of college party time! Most importantly, BPSC makes sure that the student voice is heard and listened to.

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When it comes to college parties, the chant, "drink, drink, drink" is as common as the sexual antics that follow when a group of horny college guys and gals have a few too many. At College Party Time, coeds play adult versions of common games, such as stripping, licking and sucking spin the bottle and let you enjoy the action. Some of the babes even get creampied. Unfortunately, with so few videos, you will only have about eight hours of viewing pleasure on this average-looking and easy-to-use site.Drink up, my friend, to enjoy the hardcore action on College Party Time. Otherwise, if you're not drunk, it's easy to miss that with no updates and a small collection, the website is a disappointment.With footballs, bottles of beer and even a conspicuous can of root beer, this site is designed to recall your college partying days. Moreover, CollegePartyTime makes it easy to find all the content you want, as long as you remember to chose it from the drop-down list of sites on the network page you're on when you first sign in.This babe has to do a lot of studying since she missed out on a lot of classes. But two dudes appear suddenly for as they say, it college party time and books can wait. These two studs poured beer all over her and she sucks their hard cocks like a little nympho. Next it’s time for her to get fucked, and she takes a dick in each end and even lets them have her asshole. These jocks double dip this loose hottie and cum in her hot mouth. You better check out these pics from CollegePartyTime.