ERIC - Communication through the Arts

The Visual Communications through Art program is a partial day career/technical program offered at Granville High School.

Goal: Students will recall learned knowledge of communicating through graffiti art.

Through contests and public exhibits, children around the world use drawings to say what they think about disasters. Here are examples of how children are communicating through art, and some ideas for you and your friends.

Communicating through Art This is our Comenius Project Blog

Communication through art and the art of attraction was featured in  group on 05 July 2009. Art instruction lends itself to integrating with other subject areas as well. The purposes of these activities are to help students develop an awareness of, and an appreciation for, the skills in communicating through art and a feeling of pride and satisfaction in their work. Additionally, multicultural art activities are infused into the curriculum to introduce students to wide range of art styles and influences. Art in the elementary school gives students the opportunity to develop an interest in art appreciation and to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Check out this link for photos and projects.

Encouraging Students To Communicate Through Art

The West Catholic Fine Arts Department offers students the opportunity to grow in their understanding and appreciation of the arts in a Catholic Christian setting for lifelong learning. Students that choose to take part in the arts through classes, band or performance will develop skills such as expressing oneself creatively, communicating through art, respecting the rights of artistic expression, critical evaluation of the arts, understanding and appreciating art history, cultivating creative solutions to problems and learning to be a discerning artist.

How can people communicate through arts and crafts?

Excellent communication is the ability to transmit a message bythe sender to a receiver and have that message replicated in the receiver's mind. Excellent communication is the ability to receive a transmitted message by the sender and have the receiver be able to replicate the form and intent of the message in the receiver's mind. If the receiver is uncertain about some aspect of a communication, it is the responsibility of the receiver to clarify the communication through the artful use of questions. The transmitting communicator also accepts the responsibility for the result of a communication. This means the transmitter must be certain to code a communication so it is received in a manner that is understandable to the receiver.Visual Communications through Art is a demanding studio and design theory program aimed to provide the student with a community of other serious, disciplined students to further challenge and inspire one another through peer learning, critiquing, sharing of ideas and encouragement. This program requires that students develop a viable portfolio, worthy of consideration by college admissions and scholarship committees. This, along with the senior arts showcase exhibit, serves as the student’s ‘capstone’ accomplishment.