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Audience expectations have also changed; while it is possible to spend thousands of dollars on a high quality home sound system that does everything except masssage your feet, it is also possible to carry thousands of songs around in your pocket, data compressed almost beyond the point of recognition and played back through awful tinny (usually white) earphones. Even the New York Times has noticed that there is a growing discrepancy between "audiophile" quality and the more ubiquitous mp3; in an article from May, 2010, the conclusion quotes an informal study which shows that young people are starting to prefer the awful sound quality of their compressed digital music through their awful earphones over the more accurate forms of sound reproduction:

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Still, the media had an obligation to give the declaration a fair reading. In a candid admission, columnist Paula Voell wrote, "Since no one has mastered the art of writing legalistically dry language better than the Vatican, I will confess that I rather quickly scrolled to the conclusions." Noting that the conclusion quotes Vatican II’s assertion that "this one true religion continues to exist in the Catholic and Apostolic church," Voell shared her feelings: "I was surprised that this sentiment came from Vatican II My strong sense of that time was of a church coming alive as fresh air poured into open windows. This feels much more like a door shutting, firmly."

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Thank you for visiting: Conclusion Quotes - Motivational Quotes about Conclusion. Finally, a pause for realism: the commission in conclusion quotes that 'NI's greatest asset is its vibrant, talented, well-educated, young population.' Even drawing on their own report the evidence is that claim, oft repeated elsewhere, is over-stated.

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