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On the other hand controversial essay topics also mean that you and your peers will have strong feelings, perspectives and opinions on the topic area and lots of content for you to include in your essay. These opinions might be formed by personal experience, historical facts or from societal trends. It is your job to challenge those perceptions and question the norms and opinions that most might take for granted - it's a great way to get motivated and excited about an essay! Also your findings at the end might surprise you and challenge your own opinions towards an issue.

To get you started in the right direction take a look at some controversial essay topics below:

These are issues about which people have very strong yet divergent feelings and opinions, which lead to much dispute and argument. These feelings and opinions may exist due to religious, social, or political beliefs. Controversial essay topics tend to polarize people, who often make strong arguments for and against the subjects. They come from concepts or ideas that have various points of view that make up the issue.

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Here are 50 controversial essay topics to use if you are a student in Australia. It’s always a good idea to study other controversial essays to get a good idea of what subjects work best and how to tackle them. If you go to your campus library, you’ll be able to find plenty of past student papers, as well as samples in books and academic magazines. If you can’t find what you’re after, then just ask the librarian to show you.

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So what is a controversial essay topic? Well, they are strong, fiery and outspoken works- so if you choose a subject that you’re passionate about, this will certainly come across to the reader.

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Controversial essay topics are burning, hot issues, which raise heated debate and provoke confrontation concerning an ambiguous subject of a current interest. A controversial essay is an essay that addresses some hot, contentious and debatable issue whether or contemporary or not. Controversial essays, therefore, resemble argumentative essays because they both argue for or against a certain topic. A controversial essay is defined as an essay that argues only on a high-charged, provocative topic. At the same time, a controversial essay can take possess elements of an expository essay, i.e. the one that informs the readers or the audience about a certain controversial subject.Controversial essay topics are usually much talked about and raise the interest in many people. They are thrilling and captivating, but usually these are points of great nicety, which touch upon sore questions in any sphere of life. The main point of them is to call the attention to some facts. To create a successful controversial essay it is necessary to remain open to different sides of the issue and to remember that nothing is absolute. All opinions count, more or less, as long as they are supported with facts, reason and expert opinions. The writer’s success depends heavily on the writer’s ability to assert one’s opinion on the topic and support it with logic, expert opinion and sometimes appeals to emotion no matter what. One should not be afraid of offending the other side, and those opposing the topic. At the same time the writer needs to know all the facts and evidence that the opposing side uses to back up their claims and points of view in order to successfully refute those in the paper. It is by anticipating what the other party has to say, the writer can tailor the arguments to effectively refuse the opposition and back up one’s own stance.