Lethal Injection and Physicians: State Law vs Medical Ethics ----- )

I just don’t get how it’s any more offensive or insane to call meat eating unethical, if that’s a view you truly hold, than calling LGBT people immoral, or those oh advocate for the death penalty unethical, etc. People say that criticism of the action is different from criticizing the person, so it seems like that should negate enough. I should be more careful in my language though, carnivores are not immoral as people but eating meat is an immoral act. likes

Two wrongs don't make a right, which is why I consider the death penalty unethical

Regarding the death penalty however, if it's the best answer to serious crime, what does Peter Hitchens think is the second best? I'm asking because I would proberly prefer that second best over capital punishment. I don't believe treating unethical people unethically has any moral high ground and can sometimes end up actually justifying the motivations of unethical people. So the only loose end there is, is the death penalty unethical?

What's your say on capital punishment? Ethical or unethical?

I fully support the abolition of capital punishment (i.e., the eradication of the death penalty)

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