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Digital Media Convergence Limited (DMCL) is an Essel Group venture envisioned to foray into the emerging business opportunities of digital entertainment. The company envisages facilitating personalized, entertaining and informative content (multimedi.. ...

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The Department of Communication & New Media provides a convergence media education. Convergence media combines traditional mediums to tell stories. Today's media utilizes convergence media to reach viewers and engage them through social media. Gardner-Webb was one of the first schools in the country to require all students to complete a Digital Media Convergence (COMM 220) as their first production course. COMM 220 will introduce you to the use of digital audio, photography, and video to tell stories. Each area is introduced individually and by the end of the course, students produce a project using all three mediums.

2012 - Lab 4: Digital Media Convergence - Advertising and New Media

2012 - Lab 08: Digital Media Convergence in new media and advertising Griffiths, M. and Light, B. (2008) Social Networking and Digital Media Convergence: Classification and its Consequences for Appropriation, Information Systems Frontiers 20(4), 447-459.

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, a new annual conference and marketplace event created by the AIDC (Australian International Documentary Conference) is seeking to source and illuminate new opportunities for Australian and international filmmakers with the assistance of these emerging media and industry collaborations. The focus remains the current state of digital media convergence for television and streaming products, with an emphasis on the product of documentary and its current and undeniable collision with technology.

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