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This Zenfolio discount coupon code WRK-JPS-YMZ is most used and provides a 100% success rate. Depending on your plan, this coupon code could save you anywhere from $5 dollars to $25 dollars off your new account fee. There is not a better promotional coupon code available from Zenfolio that provides more discount percentage and Zenfolio will not recognize combined coupons. Only one coupon code can be used per new account.

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NOTE: Your settings on the Configure Applicable Rates tab will override the Manage Discount Codes tab. For example, if a discount code you create is set to apply to all ticket types you create, it will not be valid for any ticket types set to never accept discounts on the Configure Applicable Rates tab.

7. You can view which discount code was applied to which order in your Orders Report, which can be downloaded as a CSV or XLS file at any time in the 'Reports' section of your manage tab.

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Hostgator Discount Code - Hosting Coupon Code: GATORCENTS If you have been given a , it can be applied to your order in the Shopping Cart review section. Enter your discount code in the box provided, and click the 'Apply Voucher' button:

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Create and manage discount codes for your Universe events. You can create as many discount codes as needed, and customize the discount percentage, quantity available for each and what ticket types each code can be applied to. Codes can be uploaded individually or in bulk via CSV upload.

Note: A buyer can only use one discount code per order.

1. Log-in to your Universe account, head over to your , find the event you want to manage, and click on it.

2. There will be a Taskbar at the top of your event page - select the Promote option:

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5. If you would like to create many discount codes at once, you can upload them in bulk from a CSV file. To do so, simply select 'Import from CSV' button located towards the top right of your page, select the file from your computer and
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