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The use of bottled water is directly related to the making of a larger carbon footprint, great quantities of waste, waste of water resources and human health hazards. In the island of Puerto Rico there is an excellent tap water quality, tested constantly and approved by the EPA and Health Department, but even though this is the case, people continuously buy bottled water. In the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, there is a constant waste problem related to the selling of water bottles due to the fact that about 30% of those sold are discarded in public places on a weekly basis and only a minimum quantity is deposited at recycling bins. Several approaches were made to study the reasons why people choose bottled water over tap. This study consisted of two surveys and a campaign, where the first survey investigated general knowledge about water and environmental conservancy and a second one helped analyze the effectivity of the campaign on students of the CNS. Some actions taken for the campaign were the presentation of a documental, showing an exhibition, water taste examinations, handing out information, offering interviews to radio and online news websites, among others. The two surveys, where ~200 people were interviewed for each, were analyzed and compared to reveal that 86% of students believe that water scarcity will affect them severely and 88% believe that water should be conserved, while the other 12% are either unsure of believe it is not necessary. Also, it revealed that even though most people learned about the negative effects of bottled water on the environment and health, more than half still buy the product and about 45% never realized that there are new, free and clean water fountains available at the CNS. In due course we will continue to expand the campaign and study possibilities to promote sustainable projects at the CNS and the UPRRP campus.

Rosette Zarzar: The Effects of Bottled Water on the Environment and Public Health

Since the early 1990’s American’s have been consuming large amounts of bottled water. Most American’s don’t realize the effects of the bottled water industry on the environment or on their wallet. Individuals believe that bottled water is more pure and of a higher quality than that of their conventional tap water. In reality this is false. We as a country are wasting money on bottled water and harming the environment in the process. Without a change of consumption habits our environment will see some dramatic changes. This is an important environmental and economical issue that will effect future generations as well as the current.

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