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helo Reinhard, i think it would be better to add someting more about the korean war in your essay about korea because you will get much more details from online libraries, your local libraries and your school libraries too. Start the description about korea, peoples and their cultures and slowly you can turn to the korean war and where you can just make some research and put some points like What happened after the Korean war? hope it helps..end up with a nice conclusion..

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hello there, i got a assignment task to complete an essay about korea within this week. I think i have only few days and its not enough for my essay but my professor is not ready to give additional time for us, he is very strict for the homework and assignments. anyway please help can i write the essay about korea? what can i include in this essay?? Im thinking to add some more information about the Korean War and its effects in the country and society. Is it fine? Please help me ASAP...Thanks in advance...

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