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Leadership in its primary selfless form is the ability or as some scholars believe is the science of getting leading someone or group of someone’s to do what you want them to do. The masses have taken the fundamental meaning of leadership and turned it into a catchphrase to lure you into their cash cow of how they will reinvent you as some super-duper take that hill kind of leader for the right price, or a buzzword to be used to acquire power so someone can have a sense of authority over someone or some group. There is an actual skill, art, trait, or natural ability to be a successful leader has been diluted with all of the many novels, articles, and self-help how-to books on the subject. Many MBA programs require an entrance essay about leadership, supposedly to demonstrate that you have the chops to be a leader of the pack in your chosen scholarly pursuits with their uniquely elite program of instruction of course. There must have been millions of thesis papers written on the subject, and I am sure there will be many, many more. The overabundance of information on leadership is so overwhelming that the average person I am sure would struggle to ascertain a definitive meaning of what leadership actual means.

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