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An essay argument should follow a pretty clear-cut easy to follow path. First of all, you must introduce the issue within the argument. What is the essay focusing on? Is it your position on women in the military, the effectiveness of home schooling, etc.? Your first task is to make sure the audience (your reader) understands the purpose behind your essay. Once this is established, you can choose your stance. The introduction also service to showcase the position you will be taking on the argument.

Nobody likes to be in an argument, and nobody likes to write an essay argument, either

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After outlining the various, evidence-supported reasons for your position, it’s time to wrap up in your conclusion. The conclusion is not simply a restating of the introduction; it is your chance to wrap up with some meaningful insight into the topic you’ve previously discussed, Briefly summarize your findings and come to a thoughtful conclusion that readers can easily take away from your essay. This is the basic structure of an essay argument, and if you follow it, you’ll produce and incredible essay every single time you write.

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