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In 1997, Dr. Ian Wilmut, a British scientist, first succeeded in cloning a sheep.

At a glance, there is nothing offensive in that experiment. Vice versa, it demonstrates the proficiency and professionalism of modern scientists. Besides, this fact is rather amazing. However, we suggest you speculate over its morals and ethics. Do you think that cloning is immoral and it should be forbidden? Express your personal vision of this problem in the essay on morals.

The founders of America truly believed that the future colonists living in America would follow the “laws of nature and of nature’s God”.

What can you say about this fact? Do you consider the founders of America naïve or just possessing moral values? Discuss this in essay papers on morals. Do Americans follow the laws of nature these days? Answer these questions in essays on morals.

A few decades ago, when abortion was illegal, thousands of women killed themselves. The reason was undesirable pregnancy.

So many debates have been devoted to abortions. Now, you have a chance to join those discussing abortions and express your point of view on the morals of abortion. Do you regard abortion to be immoral? Does every woman have the right to avoid that responsibility of being a mother? Back up your position with reasonable explanations in the essay on morals.

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