An essay on trade and transformation

[BURENSTAM] LINDER, STAFFAN 1961An Essay on Trade and Transformation. New York: Wiley. → A suggestive but nonrigorous attack on the Heckscher-Ohlin model.

DOBBS, ARTHUR, An essay on the trade and improvement of Ireland, Dublin, 1729.

Professor Bone is a leading civil procedure and intellectual property scholar, known especially for his interdisciplinary and theoretical work. He is currently writing a civil procedure casebook with Lawrence Solum of the University of Illinois College of Law and a number of articles in both the civil procedure and intellectual property fields. Previously, he was a professor of law and Robert Kent Professor in Civil Procedure at Boston University, where he received awards for excellence in teaching, scholarly achievement, and service to the university. He has visited at Harvard and Columbia and began his teaching career at the University of Southern California.

Bone's book, The Economics of Civil Procedure, was translated into Japanese in 2004. His forthcoming publications include an essay on trade secret law, "Trade Secrecy, Innovation, and the Requirement of Reasonable Secrecy Precautions"; an essay on pleading, "Plausibility Pleading Revisited and Revised: A Comment on Ashcroft v. Iqbal"; and three essay contributions to the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics (Elgar). Other important publications include: "Twombly, Pleading Rules, and the Regulation of Court Access," 94 Iowa Law Review 873 (2009); "To Encourage Settlement: Rule 68, Offers of Judgment, and the History of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure," 102 Northwestern University Law Review 1561 (2008); "Enforcement Costs and Trademark Puzzles," 90 Virginia Law Review 2099 (2004); "A New Look at Trade Secret Law: Doctrine in Search of Justification," 86 California Law Review 241 (1998); "Rethinking the 'Day in Court' Ideal and Nonparty Preclusion," 67 New York University Law Review 193 (1992); and "Mapping the Boundaries of a Dispute: Conceptions of Ideal Lawsuit Structure from the Field Code to the Federal Rules," 89 Columbia Law Review 1 (1989). He has taught and delivered lectures on American civil procedure and intellectual property in England, Canada, Japan, Italy, Israel, and Turkey. Bone is a member of the American Law Institute.

Bone graduated magna cum laude with a JD from Harvard Law School and earned a BA with distinction in anthropology from Stanford University. He clerked for U.S. District Court Judge W. Arthur Garrity, Jr. and served as an associate at the Boston law firm of Hill & Barlow before joining the University of Southern California law faculty in 1983.

Essays on International Trade, Growth, and Finance

Short Essay on Trade Union – Workers are the executors of dreams and visions This site presents an essay on trade theory and proposes a new tradepolicy that will lead to a more just world economy and environmentallysustainable growth. To read this essay, scroll through this site. To learnmore about The McKeever Institute of Economic Policy analysis, click here

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John McIlroy’s essay on Quinn v. Leathern is a lucid and comprehensive study. It examines the sectarian and other social contexts of the case concerning Henry Leathern, a butcher of Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Hitherto, one has drawn on Ken Brown’s briefer discussion in a broad essay on trade union law. Professor Brown, incidentally, has lived in Lisburn for some forty years. Professor McIlroy’s essay is notable for its research not only into the legal background of the case but also into Lisburn and Belfast sources for the social context.