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In MLA format there is no use of commas between the author and the number of the page. The use of commas and periods goes outside in line. MLA writing is more than just formatting textual documents. The following should be met when writing an essay in MLA format.

These are some of the most important guidelines for writing papers and essays in MLA format

These are some of the most important guidelines for writing papers and essays in MLA format. You will be expected to follow every rule and guideline exactly and perfectly in order to not get points deducted for formatting. This is a relatively simple and straightforward format for people to follow.

Essays in MLA format are always double-spaced

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Tutorial for typing essays in MLA format

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Tutorial for typing essays in MLA format.

If it’s creative writing or an assignment the writer should build his or her content in a way that will capture attention of the reader. Thus, there is more than just textual formatting when writing essays in MLA format.