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If you have never written an essay on death penalty and have very little knowledge in this issue, you should definitely look for a death penalty search paper sample. Such a sample will provide you with helpful information on how to write such research paper type. First and foremost, you will get some ideas for death penalty research paper topics. Also, you will have an opportunity to study information on death penalty cases, social debates on this issue, the most famous mistrials etc. Besides, this is a great opportunity to have a look at . Death penalty is a rather controversial issue, so it is not easy to write about this problem.You must understand the vast emotions that are boiled up when discussing the death penalty. As you do your in depth research, you will come across a variety of opinions, none of them passive. If you have an opinion concerning the death penalty it will be passionate and emotional. You must understand this as you begin writing an essay on the death penalty. If it will be a simple recitation of facts about the history of the death penalty in the United States, or it will be a broader discussion concerning capital punishment, or a more volatile essay advocating a specific point of view, there will be a lot of emotion to wade through and when drawing conclusions.