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The jigsaw cooperative learning technique is used to complete activities on the purposes not covered so far in the learning activities. The teacher organises students into groups to complete their information table. Each member of the group is allocated a purpose and an example of a text that suits their allocated purpose. All the students who have a text that entertains, for example, are grouped together to annotate their texts. The group discusses the structural and language features of the text as they deconstruct it, the teacher providing support to each of the groups. When they have annotated the text they were given, the group then decide on the information that needs to be put into the table under the headings; text type, purpose, structure, grammar and visual. The original groups reform and each 'expert' teaches the other members of their original group about the features of the text they were allocated. All students complete their table.

As a class, brainstorm as many examples of different text types for each purpose as possible.

Wonderful high L1 – Level 2 resource which looks at the purposes and sources of a range of texts. Includes: useful handout with example of the four main types of text; discussion and examples of texts with more than one purpose; examples of badly written texts with mixed and confusing purposes; inferred and hidden meanings; writing practice (for four different purposes); re-ordering a long instructional text; and a set of final multiple choice questions to check skills.
Fully mapped to the Functional English criteria.

Example of text widget using just text

I don't believe this issue has been escalated to your Network Team. I can give examples of texting issues today, April 26th as shown below. OK, but do those guidelines reflect their actual usage? To find out, the researchers turned to a different group of 153 Australian undergraduates. They examined 303 final-exam papers in various courses that had been completed in late 2009 and early 2010, looking for examples of texting shorthand.

A simple example of text clustering using R

Specifically, they found only 39 examples of texting-type contractions, such as using ppl as an abbreviation for people. There were 26 omitted apostrophes, although some of them may have been simple mistakes that were unrelated to the tendency to skip over apostrophes while texting.

Below are 16 perfect examples of texting gone awry.

So, now you have many different examples of descriptive text and you can try your own hand at writing a sentence or paragraph that helps to paint a picture and evoke emotions. An original and thought provoking 24 piece hexagonal jigsaw puzzle where pairs or small groups of learners must match examples of text (e.g. novel, board game rules, bus timetable) to their main purpose (e.g. descriptive, instructional, informative, persuasive). Use for revision or as an ice breaker or starter activity. Guaranteed to create promote discussion as learners solve puzzle.

If you have examples of romantic text messages that you would like to share with our community, we would love to hear from you!Check out these fantastic 101 examples of beautiful text treatments and please let us know of any other great examples we may have missed.