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Foreshadowing in literature is hints given by the author of what will happen later. To demonstrate mastery of foreshadowing in literature, students must achieve five levels of understanding:

Foreshadowing In Literature

The Alexandria West Library and its associated Special Collections serve as a resource for Alexandria West, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the study and promotion of Universal Perennialism: the view that each of the world’s religions share universal truths. The library’s central focus encompasses the preservation of materials germane to the ancients and modern Perennialistic currents, including the modern Theosophical Movement, otherwise known as Theosophy. This modern Theosophical Movement was originally founded in New York in 1875 as The Theosophical Society, though it soon after splintered into numerous independent groups and syncretised into an ever growing variety of expressions such as the Arcane School, Golden Dawn, and severalRosicrucian Followships. The library seeks to include this Movement’s various factions and syncretic developments, as well as its foreshadowing literature found in Spiritualism, Swedenborgism, Transcendentalism etc., as well as all other theosophies or perennialist efforts.

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Foreshadowing In Literature Foreshadowing in literature is an important device for creating suspense and hooking the reader. The following short stories with foreshadowing examples will facilitate the learning of this important literary device.

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