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Academic writing skills form a cornerstone for effective communication within a tertiary level environment. Students pursuing a Certificate in Music are expected to develop and hone related preparatory writing skills as these form the bedrock for communicative competencies within their discipline. This course examines specific strategies and content designed for students who need to enhance their basic competence in comprehension, formal essay writing, the mechanics of Standard English and research and documentation skills applicable to beginning formal academic writing at the tertiary level. It also serves as a comprehensive preparatory course for success in the foundation academic writing courses applicable to an undergraduate degree in Musical Arts.

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Much of the essay and paper writing that you do in school is formal. And you are writing formal essays all the time without realizing it – you just may not be getting the grades you should, because you don’t fully understand the nature of these types of essays, as opposed to other types. Here you will find all that you need to know about formal essay writing.

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Formal Essay Writing - Mastering your TS Claim Writing and revising a formal essay can take a significant amount of time, even for a relatively short paper, so it is important for the writer to plan accordingly. After the essay is completed, a student should have someone else look over the essay for mistakes in grammar or structure. Professional writers may have an editor who oversees this process. While formal essay writing can be a laborious process, it is a necessary part of learning to develop ideas and prove their validity to readers. This type of essay writing makes up a large part of academic and policy development in many areas around the world.

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So formal essay writing was a given. But how could we hack it for maximum learning? As the school was still expanding, SLA teacher hatched the brilliant idea of a writing assignment for juniors that he dubbed the "2Fer" -- a (roughly) 2-page analytical essay on any topic the student chose.

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