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Ms Svensson said: "Gender stereotyping in advertising straitjackets women, men, girls and boys by restricting individuals to predetermined and artificial roles that are often degrading, humiliating and dumbed down for both sexes."

Why we needed a 'New Woman': post-war gender stereotypes inadvertising

The use of gender specific stereotypes in advertising has been being used since the beginning of advertising. This advertisement for a flip-top bottle plays off a negative stereotype for women. Everyone has seen it in one form or another. The woman who cannot open the ketchup bottle and has there big strong man come and save the day. The bottle in this advertisement has a new flip-top that is so easy to open even the woman can do it by herself.

Examining gender stereotypes in advertising

The use of gender stereotypes in advertising. Gender stereotypes in advertising reflect the male-dominated values of our world. Advertisements represent an exaggerated stereotypical image of a world, where men, mostly white and heterosexual, outnumber women. The results of a comparison on gender roles in advertising showed that 90 percent of doctors in ads were portrayed by men, while more than 50 percent of women in advertisements were depicted as housewives. Women in advertising can usually be found in the kitchen or in the bathroom doing some domestic task. The female image outside the house always has a sexual subtext. A woman is pictured either as a secretary, or as a young and beautiful doll-like fashion model. The ideal proportions, consisting of large breasts and thin legs and waists, are indispensable in advertisements.

Gender Stereotypes in Advertising.

In our Advertising class we were given the task to make a documentary out of the topic Gender Role stereotypes in Advertising. This is what we came up with!

Thanks to everyone who was interviewed on the streets of Ottawa as well as the many pictures of faces that are seen in this short film.

Gender Stereotypes in Advertisments