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It is not always easy and you may not start off with your dream job but if you follow the steps above you will have a much greater chance of getting that job after college.

In Better Jobs for Tuesday, May 19, 2015, learn tips on how to get a job after college.

It is astonishing how many students wait until the second semester of senior year to go to the campus office of career services. That is not . It is also not about the choice of major. Doing really well in whatever you choose is how to get a job after college.

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In Better Jobs for Tuesday, May 19, 2015, learn tips on how to get a job after college. I was lucky. Our parents taught us the value of saving money and a strong work ethic from preteen years. I worked 30-35 hours a week every week after high school from age 15-1/2 until I graduated high school. I was close enough (1-1/2 miles) so I could walk to work. My mom put 100% of every paycheck into a savings account. I had enough in savings to buy a beat up used car and pay my first semester in college. I worked every year full time in the college cafeteria during breakfasts, lunch and dinner. I got free meals and it paid for my car insurance and other expenses. I worked Christmas, Easter and summer breaks at the Post Office (40 hrs / wk) from 5:30 AM until 2:30PM, then worked KFC from 3PM until 11PM. All the money went into savings except for car maintenance. Didn’t have a cell phone. Grades suffered but in my Junior year, I got married and a year later had a daughter while a senior in college. Graduated and we lived in a run down cheap apartment until we could afford a very small row house in a poor neighborhood. Worked full time for the next 15 years and went to night school for a second degree in business. Seems many preteens and teens don’t know how to save money. They have big college debt as a result of not working their way through college with part time jobs and full time jobs in the summer. They piggy back on parents cell phone plans, use parent’s cars or hand-me-down cars and expect parents to pay car insurance and other expenses like cable and Netflix. They may get a job after college, but turn their noses up at getting a second job. There are superlative exceptions who work their butts off and are totally financially independent from their parents, but too many rely on mom and dad for occasional groceries, watching the grandkids or pets, or emergency expenses … why … because they have little to nothing in their savings account and they don’t want a second job.

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Why are internships the best way to get a job after college? Because, if you perform well, there’s a good chance they’ll offer you a full-time entry-level position for after graduation. How cool is that! You’ll have a job already lined up before you even walk across the stage!

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Everyone turns into a Yes-man to get a job after college. That is why many people go through their careers hating their job or jumping off from one company to another. People go to college to get a degree and to pursue their passion and interest. Unfortunately, once they step outside the university they make choices different from the things that they want to be. They seem to become oblivious of their own goals.But it wasn’t always this way. I started out as an ordinary American guy, who grew up in a suburb on the East Coast and went to study at a liberal arts college on the West Coast. I came to Russia for the first time on a study abroad program in the mid-90s; it was an exciting time and Russia was rapidly changing after the collapse of communism a few years earlier. I loved it so much in Moscow and St Petersburg that I decided to try and come back to Russia to get a job after college.