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The visit to Glass Egg Digital Media today was a very insightful and inspiring presentation. The company has proven itself to be successful in all of its ventures and is innovative in its outsourcing of digital design. Also, having played many of the games that use Glass Egg's designs, it was very cool to see how the cars in the games are constructed and the precise detail that is worked into the design for each vehicle. Also, the views from CFO Steve Reid's office were spectacular.

5/8/2014 (Day 4): History and Culture Lecture: Part 1 and Glass Egg Digital Media

While in Vietnam, the CGSOM students visited with executives of Proctor & Gamble Vietnam, IDG Vietnam, the US Commercial Service and Glass Egg Digital Media Co., a manufacturer of software for children's computer games.

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Glass Egg Digital Media. Outsourcing Firms (Detailed) 54
- Absolute Quality 55
- CGbot 56
- Epic Games China 57
- Exigent 58
- Glass Egg Digital Media 59
- Liquid Development 60
- Massive Black 61
- Nikitova 62
- Original Force 3d 63
- Pearl Digital 64
- Plastic Wax 65
- Shadows In Darkness 66
- TOSE Entertainment 67
- Ultizen Games 68
- Valkyrie Entertainment 69
- Virtuos 70
- Vyk Games 71
- 3D Brigade 72

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