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He spent much of his life as a homeless beggar in Liverpool, where he was a well-known and celebrated character. His life improved when the radical Merseyside poet gave him a small regular stipend. But Dick remained extremely eccentric. Although his favourite author by far was , he liked to sing the psalms in Hebrew, accompanying himself on a Welsh harp, and turned up at an Eisteddfod with an ancient Greek essay on types of stringed instrument. Since there was no competition requesting entries on this theme, he could not be awarded a prize, but the committee welcomed him and he was celebrated anyway.

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In 2001 Mr Nicholas Galatis approached the University and proposed the establishment of The Galatis Medal for the Best Essay in a First Year Greek Topic. The aim of this prize is to encourage students to excel in a first year Ancient Greek essay.

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Greek art essay is a specific type of art essay that focuses only on Greek art and architecture. Basically, Greek art essay can be written according to the same guidelines and techniques that are used when writing a regular art essay paper. However, one has to understand that Greek culture is completely unique, thus, it requires a lot of research and understanding of the topic but not merely a certain sculpture or painting.The term was coined by Pope in juxtaposition to. Pathos refers to the reader's emotional investment ina the fate of a tragic hero. Bathos, by contract, refers to thedistancing effect that is often achieved in satires and mock epicswhen the reader sees a character or action ridiculed often throughthe yoking of epic style and trivial act. Pope's essay, (1727), parodies Longinus'ancient Greek essay, , and makes fun of authorswho, by similar unintended juxtaposition of high and low, endup sounding ridiculous, for example "the modest request of two absentlovers" in a contemporary poem: "Ye Gods! annihilate but Space andTime,/ And make two lovers happy."