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Healthcare organizations are often susceptible to various problems related to the effective work of healthcare professionals since the needs and demands of patients are growing to be more and more complicated due to the progress of the modern medicine to the extent that healthcare professionals are viewed as almighty beings able to treat effectively all existing disease, but, in actuality, it is far from reality. Nevertheless, such an attitude to healthcare organizations may cause serious problems related to their human resource management. In this respect, it should be said that the high level of responsibility and the high demands often lead to the lack of healthcare professionals but, at the same time, the lack of attention to the proper financing and support of perspective IT specialists working in the field of healthcare also causes the problem of the lack of such specialists though new technologies being professionally applied in the healthcare organizations could be much more effective than they are, if are at all, applied in healthcare organizations.

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Care And Cost | Health Care Essays by Brian Klepper The quality of health care service is of a paramount importance in the modern epoch. In the situation when the quality of life is constantly growing, modern science and technologies are rapidly developing, it seems to be quite natural that health care services which are vitally important should be of the highest quality. Actually, this problem disturbs many specialists, including not only health care professionals, but also politicians, people who struggle for the equality of basic civil rights and opportunities, including the right to health care, and businessmen. In general, the modern business is really concerned about the health of employees because it affects dramatically the performance of any company. In this respect, one of the ways of the improvement of the quality of health care services and condition of work is the introduction of accreditation.

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Registered nurses in the operating rooms across the planet are increasingly evolving in the scope and range of their surgical assisting occupations. Registered nurses or RNs, as these healthcare professionals are referred to, assist the surgeons in the operating room. While the first role of the registered nurse is to be of assistance to the surgeon or in most cases, a team of surgeons that are operating on a patient, there exists a secondary role that must be understood and realized in order for the operation to be a success.

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