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If you suspect dog fighting anywhere in the USA, call Help Stop Dog Fighting. This is a group, lead by a former Marine, who will investigate and provide evidence to the local police for free.

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Help Stop Dogfighting  Sponsored by   Designed by   Powered by    and . Anyone can help to stop dog fighting. Make posters (like the one above) and post them in areas where youth gather. Educate any children around you to the truth about dog fighting.

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Many organizations help to stop dogfighting but more can always be done for the cause. Take Georgia for example a caramel colored pit bull mix. She was rescued from a dog fighting ring and suffered so much damage many thought she was unreachable. Her ears were cropped, her tongue hangs lopsided because her jaw was broken, and her tail zigzags. She had scars from puncture wounds on her face, legs, and her torso. The trainers from the Dog Town Society brought Georgia and 42 other pit bulls who were rescued from Michael Vicky’s propirity. The trainers believe that she was used as a prized fighter and often was breed for more prize fighters. Georgia’s most haunting and freighting aspect of her abuse was the fact she had no teeth. Her abusive owners removed all 42 of her teeth so she wouldn’t harm male dogs during forced breeding.

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With the dramatic increase in awareness of the heinous world of dogfighting, highlighted by the recent indictment of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick on federal charges relating to this cruel and bloody “sport,” the Michigan Humane Society asks for your help to stop dogfighting in its tracks: