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LING 115, Writing for Non-Native Residents ()
A course that focuses on language and cultural issues, along with basic help with academic writing. This is the course for students to take if they are struggling with the language; offered at five different levels.

Book an appointment at The Learning Centre for one-to-one help with academic writing and study.

If your students are encountering second language problems or difficulties navigating cultural differences, direct them to the and/or on-line writing resources. The ICC offers credit and non-credit classes, workshops, and individual appointments to help non-native speakers of English succeed in academic programs. Support services include a Writing Clinic (individual help with academic writing assignments), language workshops, and tutoring.

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Need more help with academic writing, including essays, term papers, and theses For more help with academic writing, there are many useful resources on the , as well as in the . You can also come and talk to the who can assist you.

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