Baby, Toddler, Children, Teen Beauty Pageants in Austin Texas

Fashion models on the catwalk showcasing the latest designs to a small kid beauty pageant extravaganza to the latest cruise ship fashions for the vacationing tourist bound for Hawaii.

In the planning stages of a quilt that will explore the whole kid beauty pageant thing

Some squads wear identical hairdos - parted in the middle into bow-adorned dog tails or cascading ringlets tied back with gigantic bows in the back. The girls, even the smallest ones, wear makeup, but not the overdone, JonBenet Ramsey eye shadow and blush that are the norm in the little kid beauty pageant circuit. The lights glint off the Vasoline some have smeared across their teeth to ensure their perpetually perky grins.

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hard-hitting documentary TLC show called “Toddlers and Tiaras,” which features real-life kid beauty pageant contestants and their families.

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