networks in the left and right brain that ..

The left brain right brain theoryis creditedto the 1981 Nobel prizewinner, Roger Sperry on split-brain research. He noticed the two sidesof our brains serve different functions: None of the descriptions above areset in stone. Wedo not alwaysact according to our preferences. As we know, people are complex and soare their behaviors.

This popular theory lacks basis in solid science. The story of an urban myth.

just stumbled across this blog… do realise that the left brain right brain theory was been debunked years ago…..but beyond that how could any of you believe this in the first place? What about authors of fiction? for example? according to the left brain right brain theory, this should not even be possible. Like lifting up a chair well you are still sitting in it, or walking backwards and forward at the same time…

Scientists have long known that the popular left brain/right brain ..

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