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Only the most exceptional blacks will be able to make the broad jump across the massive Hispanic canyon forming in the media and entertainment industries as this happens. Sidling up to whites will only happen for blacks at the present day lower middle class level at best. A huge Hispanic wedge is being installed.

The big wave of prosperity never happened, at least not at the middle class level

I am Texas resident and my wife and I are a one income family, we went to one income after we adopted our first child. Altough my income has changed quite drastically in the last five years I would have considered us to be in the upper middle class level of living. When our 1 income was +/- 100K we lived well in our 3200 Sqft home. Now that it is 400k we still live in the same home but with out a mortgage. I still consider my self middle class since nothing has changed other than we have paid off our debt. What makes your class standing change? The money you make or the money you have saved? The type of house you live in or the amount you owe on the house you live in? Is it net worth or fross debt? My friends and neighbors are still the same people thye were 10 years ago so why would I be any different than they are?

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Most students in Lynn Middle School are considered upper middle class level The median household income in King County is about $65,000 a year according to Burbank. That number would technically represent the middle class level. The modest lifestyle number of $70,000 is above that. However, Burbank gave the example of how this can occur.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I noticed that the figures provided in the text for Lebanon and the UAE do not correspond to the ranges indicated on the graph (unless the text is referring to the unadjusted salary levels): $43,171 seems to be the lower bound of the salaries in Lebanon and the min middle class level is between 60 and 65k. Moreover, the per capita income is a bit over 15k ($10,708 in the text).

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These five charts present critical evidence on the decline of the middle class. Incomes have fallen; share of the overall economic pie has decreased; fewer people are earning “middle-class incomes” (whatever that means). This as the costs of middle-class basics have risen dramatically. Given this, we should not be surprised to learn that Middle Class debt levels have increased. The Murphy Brown controversy provides an illustration of the issues of centrality and control at the middle and upper-middle class level. Murphy, a fictional television sitcom character who was obviously well-educated, professional and economically self-sufficient, decided to bear a child outside of marriage. Obviously, she was unlikely to become an AFDC recipient. Why did her decision become the subject of national attention and the focus of remarks by the Vice President of the United States?