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Intro with Effects and question ” What h AS triggered. Picture what might occur later on in the same scenario. Resource: VirginiaLynne, CC – BY, via HubPages Different Varieties of Cause Effect Essays Cause Article: This essay describes the causes that are different and both presents your perspective or requests the audience to decide at the end. Impact Composition: This article targets the results of a certain cause. ? Movie Essay Example: Combining Pictures with text Trigger Composition Body The question you stopped your introduction with should be answered in the first sentence of the body section.

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A movie essay is where you review a particular movie and analyze or critique the artistic tools used to convey a message. You can focus on a particular character or theme. You can also write about a particular theme or motif that is included in the film. Consider the movie essay example below on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi:

For example, in the novel a menacing man named Orlick

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