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In looking at the NFL paper and some other commentary, it seemsevident that what the authors have established is that a priorievaluations of suitability of an optimization technique to a task isnot secure. We do not know ahead of time and with certainty thatProcedure X, which performs well on Problem Y, will also perform wellon apparently-similar Problem Z. Finding efficient, or better,optimization techniques for a particular task will always involveapplying knowledge concerning the task to matching technique and problem.

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NFL Wallpapers is the #1 source for FREE NFL desktop wallpapers and backgrounds. Over at Uncommon Descent, Eric Holloway that thecritics of William Dembski’s 2002 book No Free Lunch actuallyaccept that the No Free Lunch Theorem applies to evolution. He uses as hisevidence the replies to Dembski’s use of the NFLTand(who co-wrote the original NFL paper). They had argued that evolution was amore complicated process than the simple model used in the NFLT, a model thatfor evolution would associate fitnesses with genotypes in a simple search for the genotype of highest fitness. So aren’t computer scientists (Wolpert) and biologists (Orr)implicitly acknowledging that the NFLT theorem applies to any such simple model, and prevents it from searching effectively?

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