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Lastly, I strongly believe that handwritten notes and penmanship is a necessary skill in life. Although I understand that having a 1:1 device does not necessarily mean using it for everything in the classroom, I do not want my students constantly relying on a keyboard, online power points, or snapping a picture of class notes to gather information. I want my students to retain information by physically feeling and expressing their thoughts onto a piece of paper. There have been multiple studies done that have concluded that by physically writing individuals are able to retain information better, improve their writing, and remain focused, and I believe that it is because students are able to physically create something, and organize their thoughts in a way that best represents the way they think.

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Online Training Powerpoint Templates + Download Free + Daily Updates + 4) During the piloting phase, all the scorers I came into contact with were well-trained and well-regarded in the profession. My colleagues were asked about my work with teacher candidates, and my dean had to verify my work experience. The training took longer than I expected and was a combination of reading, online Power Points, and interactive scoring activities with supervisors and other trainees. I had to go through scoring a number of portfolios as part of the verification process, and portfolios took me a little over 2 hours each to score. Scorers work on their own time, were encouraged not to score more than two portfolios in a day, and could only score during open scoring windows. We also had to re-certify as scorers each year. Because of the time involved, at least during the pilot, scorers were not bottom-of-the-barrel-cannot-cut-it-in-the-real-world-of-education people. I do not know if this will change as the number of portfolios to score increases.

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Up until now, VisualBee was used as a plug-in only. But VisualBee is happy to announce that they will now be expanding to a free online PowerPoint version! This will allow presenters to use PowerPoint online for free. All you have to do is go online and . From there, if you find the free PowerPoint online version is not enough, you can always and take advantage of the countless options VisualBee provides.

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