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Don't miss our line of OXO bath products, including shower suction organizers, squeegees, and shower caddies. help you get a grip on household chores.

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That corer is still in my kitchen 14 years, 1 cross-country move, 4 apartments and 1 house later. It’s joined by a whole family of OXO products collected over time, including measuring cups, measuring spoons, slotted spoons, silicone brushes, dish brushes, and not one, but two salad spinners.

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Since 1990, OXO has produced comfortable, innovative housewares designed with you in mind And if you don’t win grand prize, you can be one of “Two First Prize Winners will receive a basket of OXO products (Approximate Retail Value of each is $500) to be selected by Sponsor.” YEAH! I’ll take that too.

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In their blog post, OXO also points out that Quirky has commercialized multiple products that looked suspiciously like OXO products that predated them in the market. OXO made no threats in regards to the designs and instead wrote:

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By 1999, the Oxo product line had grown to 350, with the Swivel Peeler, one of the original 15 products, leading sales. Four lines were being produced for specialty stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Bloomingdale's, Crate & Barrel, Linens N' Things, and Lechters, department stores such as Kmart ("Touchables" line), Target ("Soft Works"), and Wal-Mart ("Sensables"), as well as through mail-order catalogs. In a nutshell, Addison F. Kelley's patent specifies a "provision for combing the brush used in connection with the pan... It will be apparent… that a broom or brush may be readily cleaned and particles of hair and the like removed therefrom by inserting the teeth into the body of the brush and then pulling thereon until the teeth are free of the outer ends of the bristles of the brush or broom, at which time the dirt removed will fall into the dust pan."They then note that the patent has been expired since 1936 and highlight a number of differences between the Quirky product and the OXO product, but then :

I cannot say enough great things about OXO brand products. I have so many, I could fill a page with a list of them and every OXO brand product I've ever purchased has been excellent quality and very handy.Picking 3, are you kidding?! Okay, would love to see your take on 3-bean summer salad, balsamic roasted green beans and down home collard greens. Beans and greens for me, all the way. Oooh my book is being mailed cross country today. Can’t wait! And of course, you are right. Never met an OXO product I didn’t adore. Sooo well done!