• Understands the purpose for writing a persuasive piece

Learning to write persuasively is important, because it helps to refine written communication and critical thinking skills. Many people find themselves writing a persuasive piece at some point, such as a letter to the editor, or a complaint to a company. These skills can also cross over into speech, helping people build stronger and more coherent oral arguments so that they can hold their own in a discussion.

Answering yes may yield a good foundation for a persuasive writing piece.

If you cannot discover what the author wants of you as the reader, here are some questions you can ask yourself. Again, the answers will tell you the purpose of the persuasive piece.

The culminating persuasive piece is not a persuasive paper

Before writing a persuasive piece, you must decide if a given topic is even arguable. There are a number of methods to help determine this. For students to use a narrative organizer (middle bottom) when they are suppose to write a persuasive piece would not make sense would it. It is the job of the teachers to educate our students on the importance of knowing the difference This is where the teaching to the text does come in handy. By providing models, and allowing students to analyze the writing students will be able to determine the purposes, and what components make it the writing form that it is.

Persuasive piece - crossword puzzle clue

Bingo! Your insight is spot on & inspires to write with a purpose, which sometimes gets lost in the assignment or deadline to produce a well written, persuasive piece. Thank you copyblogger again (and again) for providing valuable and motivational copy for all writers!

Sample Persuasive Writing Piece by mre15330

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